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Why have I made sending me email more difficult for you? I used to simply have my email address on my page so you could click it to send me email. But I've had to change that.

Fool the harvesting programs
Why so cryptic now? I have good reason. So called "email harvesting programs" search websites for email addresses. They use these addresses either to send usolicited email (spam) themselves, or to sell the addresses to other spammers.
You can read more about them and other privacy issues at Junkbusters Homepage (http://www.junkbusters.com).
We have tried different procedures to fool the harvesting programs. They are unable to read a page, they just pick up what is before and after the @. One method we tried, would give them an invalid email address. With graphics, they won't get one at all.
(We've also found a site that generates fake, useless addresses for them, contributing to making their address databases less interesting and thus less profitable.)

Send a message using a form
If you prefer (or if you've turned off graphics in your browser), you can send me a message here:

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Anne K. Sorknes
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